Top 5 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

January 23, 2023

In the fall months, there is a great deal of preparation that takes place in order to protect your home for the long winter ahead. You’re probably used to cleaning up the exterior of your property by bringing in different items that won’t be used until warm weather arrives again. On the interior of your home, it’s ideal to make sure that you’re going to have comfortable and healthy indoor air for the duration of the winter (and all year long). Your HVAC system is a key part of fall maintenance, and we want to share with you some preventative maintenance tasks that should be performed routinely on your heating and cooling system. Some of these things can be done on your own, but you should also bring in help from an experienced HVAC technician who can make sure your equipment is in working order and is safe.

Raking leaves with a red rake on green grass

#1 – Replace Your Air Filters

The filters in your furnace should be changed out approximately once every 30 to 90 days. The time frame will be determined by the type of filter that you’re using. Just take a look at the packaging for your filters to see what is recommended by the manufacturer.

Ensuring that you always have a clean filter in your furnace will keep your indoor air clean. Poor indoor air can lead to a variety of health issues, such as an increase in allergies, asthma attacks, and illness.

You should also have a clean filter in your furnace in order to protect the interior components of your equipment. When your filter is clogged up with dust and particulates, this can force your HVAC system to work harder to bring your home up to a comfortable temperature. This reduces the lifespan of your equipment while also increasing your energy bills.

#2 – Set Reminders for Yourself

So you don’t forget – use your phone or email calendar to set a recurring notification to change your filter based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. It’s also easy to forget about the different HVAC maintenance tasks that need to be done in the fall months every year. In order to simplify this process, we recommend that you make a note to yourself to schedule an appointment in late summer. You can write this reminder on your calendar or enter it into your phone, so an alert pops up when the time comes. Your trusted HVAC company may also offer the convenience of contacting you yearly when it’s time to schedule your routine fall maintenance appointment.

#3 – Remove Debris Around the Outside of Your HVAC Unit

If you have equipment outside that is part of your HVAC system, you want to keep this area clean at all times. Windy weather and precipitation can result in a buildup of leaves, garbage and other items which can negatively impact the quality of your equipment. You should make it a point to walk the perimeter of your yard every so often during the fall and winter months to check if everything is in order.

Dirty air filter on the left, clean air filter on the right

#4 – Seal Up Drafty Windows and Doors

Allowing cold air to seep in through very small cracks and gaps around your windows and doors can make your home feel very chilly. This can also lead to an increase in your energy bills. Make sure that the weather stripping around these areas is intact. It’s affordable to replace this stripping if it’s worn out or damaged. If you have a very old and drafty home but aren’t ready to invest in new windows just yet, you can purchase plastic window coverings that seal off your windows so that no cold air can pass through. You’ll want to take care of this process in late fall before it gets really cold outside.

#5 – Upgrade Your Thermostat

Your thermostat can make a big difference in protecting your HVAC system and ensuring your indoor air is comfortable all year round. An upgraded model allows you to program when you want the temperature to change, and what you want it to change to. You can eliminate running your furnace frequently throughout the day when nobody is around, and then the temperature will come back up just shortly before you’re set to walk in the door. You’ll be shocked at how positively this affects your energy bills.

*Bonus Tip – Get on Kelleher’s Maintenance Plan

You can reach out to our staff here at Kelleher if you would like to sign up for our maintenance plan, which covers all of the necessary fall maintenance that your HVAC system needs. Our experience shows that periodic maintenance is essential for extending the life of your equipment. Kelleher offers a number of plans that provide you with the peace of mind that your heating and cooling systems are properly maintained. Few discomforts are more irritating than a malfunctioning heating system in the winter or a broken air conditioner in the summer. Our plans provide up to 1 pound of refrigerant with annual maintenance. A discount up to $240 applies to interim service calls on covered motor bearing units. Be proactive and have Kelleher test and/or tune up your systems today. For over four decades, Kelleher has been building a reputation in the Richmond area by installing and maintaining high-quality home comfort systems. Let our family help your family with your home comfort needs this fall and winter.