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Kelleher’s plumbers have decades of experience in installing and maintaining hot-water heaters, boilers and radiator systems. Big job or small, why try to do it yourself when Kelleher can do it right the first time?

Got a leaky faucet?
Still trying to figure out what’s causing that gurgling noise in the radiator? Or why one radiator produces no heat when the others are doing fine?

Kelleher’s plumbers are here to help!
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(Left to right) Cody, Daniel, Aaron, Lee, Lonnie, Bryan, and Michael

Free Estimates

Kelleher provides free estimates before proceeding for both small and large jobs. These are custom quotes that apply to your unique needs. On smaller repair and replacement jobs, our seasoned plumbers offer written on-site quotes with the prospect of doing the work upon acceptance of their proposal. Customers needing replacements to restore essential services receive priority attention. On other quotes requiring more study, Kelleher consults with interested parties when presenting proposals.

365 Day Parts and Labor Warranty

Typically, do-it-yourself (DIY) plumbing projects take more time to rectify as bad turns to worse for an amateur repair person. Failed attempts at repairs over weekends and evenings leads to overtime rescue charges. Let us help with your DIY disaster.

Kelleher’s limited warranties cover provided parts and labor for 365 days from the date of installation. Our detailed service records rendered at the time of service eliminate the need for retaining paperwork.