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Electrical services offered

Blown fuses, rewiring, recontrols, chandelier hanging, dimmer switches, wall outlets and receptacles, fans, ventilation, security lights, lampposts, garage overhead-door wiring, aluminum to copper wire, panel boxes, generators, photo-voltaic solar systems, bi-metering, inverters, relays, thermostats, aquastats, breakers, ground-fault interceptors, grounding rods, water alarms, freeze alarms, humidistats, condenser theft alarms, micro-process or temperature controllers, primary controls, timers, water heater elements and thermostats, switching relays, capacitors, transformers, circuit breakers, waterproof disconnect boxes, wireless controls, shielded cable, Romex, Greenfield, liquid tiles, thin wall, ground-wire clamps, motor protective devices, wall plates, limit controls, thermal cutoffs, toggle switches, pigtails, plugs, wire nuts, insulated terminals, porcelain wire connectors, terminal blocks, insulated staples, drive staples, wire testing, test lights, nylon cable ties, fan motors, blower motors, condenser motors, compressors, draft inducer motors, fans, belts, attic vent fans, bathroom ventilators, exhaust fan/lights, digital controls, LED indicators.