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HVAC: Heating and Air Conditioning Services | Richmond, VA

Kelleher has provided heating, ventilating and air conditioning services to Richmond area residents for over 50 years. Whether it’s a new installation or a repair, Kelleher is there for you.

Kelleher’s professionally trained HVAC technicians will repair or install all major brands in any home or light commercial business. We also offer energy audits, maintenance plans, and more services to ensure that your home or business is running safely and efficiently. We even offer financing on new HVAC units.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Services You Can Trust

We understand the needs of the Richmond area. Whether it’s sticky-hot July in Chesterfield County, or frigid January in RVA, Kelleher’s expert consultants know how to diagnose any heating or air conditioning problems and provide you with honest quotes and information so that you can make an informed decision on your home or business HVAC needs.

Our services include:

  • Air conditioning system repair and installation
  • Maintenance Plans for oil, gas, heat pumps, air conditioners and generators
  • Heating system repair
  • HVAC installation
  • Ductless modulating system installation
  • Thermostat installation
  • Energy Audit
  • Home Problem Areas
  • Maintenance Plans

Consider an energy audit…

Maximize your Home’s energy efficiency with the ideal HVAC system from Kelleher. If you reside in an older, uninsulated home built before 1980, it is advisable to have a home energy professional conduct an energy audit on your home. They will provide you with a viable strategy by recommending changes to your home that will make you more comfortable while lowering your energy costs. For information on home energy audit providers and also possible eligibility for rebates on audits and energy saving appliance please visit https://www.energystar.gov and https://dominionenergy.com. Implementing changes such as blocking outside air infiltration, added insulation and more energy efficient windows can result in improved comfort, smaller HVAC equipment and long term operational savings. Trust Kelleher to provide high-efficiency and modulating systems for your optimal comfort and savings.

An area that doesn’t heat or cool like the rest of your house?

Kelleher can help you with comfort conditioning problem areas such as bonus rooms in finished attics and over garages, sun rooms, enclosed porches, out buildings and musty basement spaces. MiniSplit type ductless modulating units are dedicated to providing relief in these unique rooms in your home for year around comfort. Instead of overextending an existing duct system and compromising your present comfort, consider a dedicated MiniSplit indoor unit located right in the target space. And the compact companion outdoor unit blends in discreetly. These heat pump systems modulate to provide winter heat as well as summer cooling with added humidity removal to keep you comfortable. In severely cold winter weather supplemental, back up heaters maybe be needed for these and other heat pump systems. Ask your Kelleher comfort consultant about your needs and options by calling (804) 649-7501.

Consider a Kelleher maintenance plan.

Our experience shows that periodic maintenance is essential for extending the life of your equipment. Kelleher offers a number of plans that provide you with the ease of mind that your heating and cooling systems are properly maintained. Few discomforts are more irritating than a malfunctioning heating system in the winter or a broken air conditioner in the summer. Our plans provide up to 1 pound of refrigerant with annual maintenance. A discount up to $240 applies to interim service calls on covered motor bearing units. Be proactive and have Kelleher test and/or tune up your systems today. Kelleher representatives offer free estimates for equipment replacement. Our technicians are waged to restore functionality but never for sales leads. Manufacturers’ warranty terms require documented annual maintenance to honor your equipment’s warranty.